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Rethinking the holidays: How COVID-19 affects the way we decorate

Leading festive décor experts and the Home + Interiors Team from Fashion Snoops all agree: For the decoration sector, COVID-19 is more than a macroeconomic shock across all layers of the industry. Social distancing and digitisation change the way we celebrate and decorate. Watch the expert webinar and learn how to adapt your assortment and marketing to the changed consumer behaviour.

Apply storytelling and convey meaning to spark the minds of consumers

Streamline your assortment with creativity and DIY on the rise

Satisfy the surging demand for simplicity, minimalism and purity

Design a new future with disruptive and transformational ideas in festive decor

Experts in this webinar

Amanda Farr, Home & Interiors Editor at Fashion Snoops
Jaye Anna Mize, VP & Creative Director of Home & Interiors at Fashion Snoops
Julia Uherek, Group Show Director Consumer Goods at Messe Frankfurt
Helmut Schmidt, Managing Director at Weihnachtsland
Mart Haber, Managing Director at ShiShi
Pascal Koeleman, Managing Director at 2dezign


1. How do the panellists foresee the success of sales or changes in consumer behaviour with regards to imported holiday products in this pandemic?

Mart Haber: I think the local holiday products gain more popularity compared to before. However, high-quality imported holiday products will remain popular.

Helmut Schmidt: In our opinion, there will be no measurable impact on consumer behaviour.

2. How do you perceive buying products Made in PRC as a retailer vs your subject of ‘ethical purchasing’ in the current geopolitical situation?

Mart Haber: Shishi for example has some factories in North of China, where people actually are making the items at home. The factory representatives take the components to their homes and the finished goods are made there. This sometimes the family’s only income. I do not think it is right to make generalisations.

3. Do you expect any changes to governments’ or cities’ decoration this year?

Mart Haber: I think there will be more this year.

Helmut Schmidt: We expect a significant increase in public Christmas decorations this year. It will be used to give people in the pandemic a greater sense of local solidarity.

4. Do you feel like COVID-19 generates particularly favourable conditions for launching an eCommerce store as an artist who is making small items?

Mart Haber: Why not. But always – one has to think and find ways of how people would find you in web!

Helmut Schmidt: Surely it’s a possibility. Not only through Corona.

5. How is affecting COVID-19 the prices of products?

Mart Haber: I do not think it’s going to affect prices too much this year.

Helmut Schmidt: As far as our production in Germany is concerned, I can see no direct influence. There have certainly been price increases in freight rates for imports from China. In addition, there have also been price increases due to the high volatility of currency exchange rates.

6. We are new to eCommerce. Do you think customers will be interested in buying basic “bread and butter” products online, or should we focus on fabulous products only?

Mart Haber: I think you need both. Fabulous items can make your store attractive. However, people mainly buy basic items. In this regard, I do not think eCommerce is very different from brick-and-mortar stores.

Helmut Schmidt: We see the opportunity of eCommerce not only in the convenience and – more recently – perhaps also the security of shopping, but also in the better emotionalisation of our products, which essentially can’t exist without it. In the often efficiency-driven retail trade, there is sometimes no room for this anymore. As long as bread and butter items fit into the concept here, why not?

7. Picture a traditional Xmas market. Do you think it could take place online, if the sanitary situation does not allow it to take place locally?

Mart Haber: It all depends on the online platform. If it is easy to use for the customers, then why not.

Helmut Schmidt: We perceive Christmas markets not only as sales outlets, but more as meeting places. The most important turnover is certainly the consumption of food and beverages. The shops offering Christmas decorations and other goods provide the appropriate setting for all this. We do not believe that this can be replaced online!

8. Do you feel the main focus of this year’s holidays must be to bring the family back together? As in, it’s more about emotions than the products themselves?

Mart Haber: Sure, but you still need something to put you into the mood, be it candles, Xmas lights, etc.

Helmut Schmidt: It would be nice, just by the limited possibility of travelling, that it will come to that.

9. What initiatives is Christmasworld taking in becoming a virtual trade fair?

Julia Uherek: We are definitely thinking about these possibilities; there will be virtual offers as well. We are currently exploring various scenarios. For example, we could imagine that exhibitors at the trade fair are given a stage for live streaming to present their products to dealers who cannot attend due to travel restrictions. We will provide more information on this as soon as possible.

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